Ruby OpenSource Challenge


Ruby OpenSource Challenge is a programming competition where contestants improve a selected Ruby Open Source project, and get a chance of winning amazing prizes.

Sounds Great! How to Get Started?

All you need is enthusiasm, Ruby skills and an GitHub account.

1. Register with your GitHub account at the Challenge website.

2. The Challenge starts on July 1, at 00:00 am GMT and the coding part lasts till the July 31, at 11:59 pm GMT.

3. Within the timeframes give the Challenge a go by improving the chosen OS project - fix bugs, add new stunning features, update docs. Make sure you've read the project README and adhere to guidelines (tests, etc.). After you are done, create a pull request.

4. Use Ruby and a Ruby-friendly ecosystem - libraries, plugins, modules ;>

5. The goal of the RubyOSC is to move the OS project to the another level, so all your entries must be open-source with the appropriate license.

6. Judging and public voting take place once the coding part is over.

From August 1, at 00:00 am GMT to August 7, at 11:59 pm GMT, use the Entries section and vote for the most mind-blowing input into the project. Each contestant will have 3 votes to distribute and only devs who took part in the Challenge will get the right to pass their votes.

Additionally our Expert Panel, lead by the OS Project Chief, will evaluate the contestant’s contribution for usefulness and innovation for the project and point out their winner too!

6. Check out our page to discover who has won the Ruby OS Challenge on August 10, at 06.00 pm GMT!

Still have questions? You might want to look through our FAQ section.