A guide to marketing on the Internet

For some people is as surprised when they find out that people don’t automatically flock to your new blog or website. There is still the assumption in many parties that because it’s the Internet is automatically popular, easy-to-use and most importantly easy to make money from. However what many new marketers fail to grasp is that there is massive competition on the web for both traffic and viewers. This is because if a marketplace (and niche on the Internet) is worth money then you can bet other people are trying to grab it too.

So to help with this problem I decided to compile a short list of some key points to look out for if you’re starting a new web enterprise. For a start it’s important to see what your competitors are doing and how you’re going to differentiate yourself in this marketplace. If you’re thinking about just doing the same thing with flashy graphics and better web design then you need to think again, people have seen this trick before and on the Internet they are more immune to it than ever. You really need to be saying something different than everyone else, this is true for videos/betting/sports/pets literally everything.

I almost learned the hard way with my first attempts at marketing on the web with my gambling blog Max betting which was started to help people find the best bookmakers on the web. Getting things up and running was difficult because you really have to reach out to other bloggers and Webmasters in the hope that they talk about your new website. However this is much easier these days that was in years past now that we have twitter and Facebook etc to lie us to contact people quickly. It’s important not to just come out straight away with what you want (promotion) but to build up a relationship with this other blogger first.

I always try to find out a little bit about the other bloggers website before I contact them so I have a point of reference for how our two sites could possibly interact. Another great way to drum up new traffic for your blog is to talk with people within your niche on forms. It’s important not to just ban your URL in the message board but to actively engage with people there and hopefully answer questions in which you are qualified. If you actually know what you’re talking about it’s quite easily to get a good reputation and hopefully traffic back to your blog. You should also actively encourage comments on your blog I replying to each one (at least in the beginning) to encourage discussion. It is through this method that you can show a real connection with your visitors and not just a faceless website.

As you can probably tell is quite a lot to marketing on the Internet and even more opinions on how you should do. Whilst it’s true there is no real correct way there are definitely ways which are more effective than others. It’s for this reason that you’re going to have to try a lot of trial and error but in my opinion it’s worth it as you could end up with a website or blog that worth quite a lot of money, isn’t that a bet worth taking?

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